Pai Gow Poker

Although it is easy to learn the game, it is not easy to completely control. It is highly competitive and unpredictable. In Texas Hold'em poker, you can hand after the flop, turn or river is very different face.

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As is often the case in the history of games, it's difficult to figure out where, when and how exactly Hold'em originated. One suspects that the game was developed around 1900 in Texas. The Texas town of Robstown even claims - officially - the birthplace of the game are.

In 1967 a group of Texan made sure that the poker game made its appearance in Las Vegas. Among those players were legendary names like Doyle Brunson. Initially the game was only played at the Golden Nugget, but in 1969 began the Dunes Casino professional players enthusiasm for the game.

In 1970 all momentum for Texas Hold'em. Benny Bunion opened the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Vegas and has thereby taken a tournament on that until that time was nothing more than a small, professional tournament where you could only invited to participate.

The tournament was called the World Series of Poker and the game that was played was Texas Hold'em. There were originally only eight players entered the tournament. If you want to know more about the rules of Texas Hold'em, read our article on that topic.

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